Sunday, April 15, 2012

GTM NERR Butterfly Monitoring

Butterfly Monitoring - a GTM Research Reserve volunteer initiative, reporting data to the FBMN (Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network).  
Meets monthly - will meet on April 16, 2012.
For more information check out the Butterfly Blog:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

You have the opportunity to Adopt A Nest this marine turtle nesting season!

The beaches of the GTM NERR have been surveyed for nesting marine turtles since 1987. While this fact may seem relatively long term for a scientific research project to man, for marine turtles who have been living on this earth since the time of dinosaurs over 200 million years ago it is only a tiny blip in history.

Today, however these gentle creatures are facing the same fate as the dinosaurs; extinction.

The GTM Research Reserve Marine Turtle Program is a volunteer-based effort to monitor and evaluate marine turtle nesting on the reserve’s approximately 7.7 miles of beach. Volunteers assist with conducting sunrise nesting surveys, evening evaluations and assisting with logistical support. At a minimum, this support equates to over 2,000 hours per nesting season. The patrol members educate many people each year through direct contact in the field and through lecture presentations and community education. These efforts are compiled and shared with a number of statewide, national, and international conservation agencies that help make responsible decisions about these threatened and endangered species.

With pressing budgets that continuously seem to be shrinking, the GTM Research Reserve relies on both volunteers and supporters for programs such as the Marine Turtle Patrol and other important environmental indicator species. One way that you can help is by donating to the Adopt A Nest Program. In doing so, you will not only get the satisfaction in knowing that you are directly contributing to the conservation education and scientific monitoring as well as the following level promises listed below.

Level One- $50.00
• Free membership to the Friends of GTM Reserve
• Mid/End of Season Updates on Nesting Activity at GTM NERR

Level Two- $100.00
• Free membership to the Friends of GTM Reserve
• Mid/End of Season Updates on Nesting Activity at GTM NERR
• Emailed photo of randomly assigned or requested nest with marine turtle tracks
• Sign on nest acknowledging family/individual’s adopted name

Level Three- Minimum $250.00
• All attributes listed under “Level Two”
• Ability for up to five people to witness an evening nest evaluation with a marine turtle specialist (done in late summer months during the evening). Evaluation date will be decided upon and adoptee(s) will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance.

For more information about the program please visit