Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wait! Still spring, after all

Apparently that dose of summer we had was nature's foreshadowing of the plot: we relax, bask in the warmth of the mid-70s sunshine, step into the water, open all our windows and maybe even wrap ourselves in sweaters in the evenings. And then one day BOOM! - we have to turn on the A/C. But foreshadowing means it's not real, at least not yet. Take the afternoon off. Go fishing, go surfing, or just take your kids out, and make a small but perfect memory.

Watch the waves for porpoises, and keep an eye on the dunes for gopher turtles. Don't miss the red knots and other sae birds, busily raising new families. Wait for the turtles, who will be nesting soon. Mostly, just let yourself breathe, and remember how lucky we are to have this simple site of peace and surf and wildlife and sunshine, right here in our own backyard.

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