Monday, May 16, 2011

GTM weekend

So Saturday I tweeted enthusiastically about getting to the beach for a walk (or a wave, or a paddle, or whatever) just about 2 hours before this rather dramatic thunderstorm brewed up around us - yikes! But it was a beautiful walk in the north section of the GTM beach. Did anyone get out to the planned beach walk at the South walkover? It sounded like a great outing for new fans and old hands alike - if you were there (or just have thoughts about GTM NMERR events) please email and let us know. We'll try to share thoughts and insights using this forum. (You can email, and you can also contact us at our Friends of the Reserve site.)

The first sea turtle nest of the season has been noted, umm, more or less: I noted we'd seen N2. Some of you have probably seen N1 - and we want to know about it if you have. The dedicated biologists who work at the Reserve and the equally dedicated volunteers will have made detailed notes about it, and we'll be working to provide that info to everyone as the season unfolds. But for now, informal info and updates are welcome...keep those cards and letters coming, folks!

Finally, in the face of the changing weather this weekend I was torn between watching the eternally optimistic surfers and grabbing my dear old person to head for shelter off the beach. Before we left, though, on an astronomically low tide, in one of the clear, gorgeous tide pools, this sand dollar reflected the perfect light. Enjoy.

Oh, and...let us hear from you!

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