Tuesday, September 6, 2011

International Coastal Cleanup Day

How great is this?
I already wrote to you guys about International Coastal Cleanup Day, so all I have to do is remind you that it's Saturday, September 17. At GMT NERR, we'll be signing you up at the Guana River Road AND Marineland locations between 9 and 11 that morning. And all the details are here.

I figure all you really need me for on this one is to remind you of the date. Because who doesn't want to help clean up our beloved beach? This holiday weekend, we took a long walk that ended in an armload of recyclable trash, left near the north walkover in a neat heap, as though with the assumption someone would pick it up. Someone did, of course, but if I hadn't, that someone might have been a sea turtle, a fish, a snake or marsh rabbit....well, you get the idea. But September 17 gives you a chance to walk down the beach, pick up the unwanted AND RECORD DATA about it. You can make a difference. I sure hope to see you out there.

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