Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Adventures in the Estuary Summer Camp Success!

Were you looking for a way to reduce your child’s ‘sit-around-the-house time’ this summer? Did you hope to extend their learning throughout those months and get them up and active and exploring the world around them? Did you think to look to your local Research Reserve to help out?!

The GTM Research Reserve Education Center
 in Ponte Vedra Beach
The GTM Research Reserve not only provides stewardship of our natural & cultural resources and implements national-level long-term research, but also is committed to engaging and exciting people about estuaries and the animals and plants that inhabit them. One of the many exciting education programs at the GTM Research Reserve is the Adventures in the Estuary Summer Camp.

2012 brought the first long-term camp offered here at the GTM Research Reserve, which was held this summer. The camp allowed for students from grades 1 through 8 to participate in a hands-on adventure in the estuary. Students were able to build confidence and knowledge while conducting real estuarine science. The weeklong camp began with the students selecting a topic from a list of topics currently researched and monitored, and ended with a creative presentation of that topic to family, GTM Research Reserve staff, and fellow campers during a closing ceremony.
1st through 3rd grade campers conduct
research during the 2012 camp

The camp was met with great success as happy campers, parents, and staffers alike sang its praise:
  • “Thank you! Our girls loved it!”
  • “(Student) was excited about camp and had a great time! He asked if he could come back! Thank you!
  • “We had to drive an hour every morning but it was worth it!”
  • “I loved this camp!”
6th through 8th grade campers prepare to get
up close and personal with the beauty of the estuary
 in a kayak tour provided by Ripple Effects Ecotours
When surveyed, most campers even responded they would very much like to attend another camp! Based on this feedback you can anticipate seeing the Adventures in the Estuary Summer Camp as an annual opportunity each July, so be sure to add us to your summer activity planning!

Education at the GTM Research Reserve isn’t just for the school aged! For additional information on the various offerings of the Education Program (including teacher resources), visit us at:
3rd through 5th grade campers participating in a scavenger 
hunt at the GTM Research Reserve Education Center

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