Thursday, August 2, 2012

NERRA support for GTM Friends' position

Adopted Sea Turtle Nest N77, GTM Research Reserve, August 2012 (C) Angela Christensen
Under the leadership of its president, Chris Rich, the Friends of the GTM Reserve recently took a position on an issue that's controversial to some, and a simple common sense matter to others. The Friends have taken critism from some corners, and received support from others, incluing NERRA. The issue is connected to the National Park Service's management plan for Fort Matanzas National Monument, whose lands and waters are adjacent to those of the southern portion of the GTM NERR.

So what does this mean, and what the heck is NERRA, anyway? They're the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association, and include NERRs from all over the country. Here's a quote from their site: "NERRA was established in 1987 and is dedicated to the protection, understanding, and science-based management of our nation’s estuaries—the valuable areas where the river meets the sea." What do they have in common? If you're reading this, you probably have an interest in the protection of the area that used to be Guana State Park, and today is the GTM NERR, where our rivers meet the sea. If you share that interest, please take a look at NERRA's post, and please make your own voice heard by commenting at the National Park Service site.

The Friends of the GTM Reserve are deeply grateful for the support of NERRA's membership nationwide as we share the mission of education, research and stewardship of these precious and delicate resources. And the Friends thank you - for reading, for thinking, for speaking your mind, and for joining your voices in a resounding chorus of protection for these resources. Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest of your own today!

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